Friday, June 26, 2009

How to Make Your Offer Stand Out

"I get calls all the time from buyers who say they are DONE with their current agent. They tell me their current agent is not doing a good job because they have made multiple offers on homes and they have not gotten one house. I get very saddened by this only because I know from my own experience that it is tough out there right now for agents. There are so many numerous factors that are hindering the realtors and clients do not understand it.

First, people want to see a particular home. So the agent will call only to find out that the home really is not active and that it has multiple offers on it. The status really and truly should be changed to pending or back up or hold depending on the situation. I cannot tell you how many times I call only to find out a home is not available. Many times, I can leave messages for other agents and they never get back to me because they are "too busy" aren't we all. The board of realtors will be fining agents for not putting homes that truly are not active in their proper category so the other agents do not waste their time. I called on over 40 homes in Fontana the other day and one 1 was truly available.

The offer you make needs to stand out. What do I mean by stand out? Well, first you need to make sure you are working with a reputable bank...not ABC Mortgage in need to work with someone that people respect, such as a big solid bank like say for example Wells Fargo would be good. Anyone knows they are very strict with their lending. So, get a pre-approval, not a pre-qualfication letter. Also, when trying to buy a REO listing (Bank Owned) they do have you cross qualify with their lender which is normal. Many people do not understand this and get upset over it. Just do it, otherwise, your offer will not even be looked at by the bank.

Don't ask for a lot of concessions. By this I mean, don't ask for closing costs if you don't need them. That will net less to the bank and someone may outbid you on a property. If at all possible make your best offer. I always run comparables for my clients so they are not over paying. One thing many people think is if they are the highest and best offer out there they certainly will get the house. Not necessarily if it is over the appraised value the bank won't allow the sale to go to you. They know the market and know what the home should sell for, they want to get the closest to that they can. So, make sure you know what the house is worth and don't overbid.

The type of financing really matters to the banks these days for an REO listing or (Bank Owned). Cash is best, but most people don't have all cash. Conventional financing is best over FHA/VA loans. However, it is what it is and just keep trying. The inventory has been down therefore, homes are getting multiple offers. You want to get over to see a house as soon as it is listed and make an offer right away, don't wait or it will be gone.

Don't blame your agent if he/she writes up your offer how YOU wanted it. Remember, your agent represents you and you need to make sure you are happy with it before it is submitted. It is not totally an agents fault, we must take responsibility for our own actions and not be so tough on the agents. It is hard to get a house accepted with you are competing with so many other offers. You need to figure out what you can live with and not ask for on a home to make your offer stand out. And, you need to ask yourself how much you are ready to pay. See the comparables that your agent should provide you, and if they don't ask to see them.

Keep your offer as simple as possible and make sure it nets the bank or seller the highest amount possible and that should help you have a stronger offer."
~ Joan Patterson

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